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Whats New?

June 29, 2000

  • GVD v 1.2.8 has been released and offers a few bug fixes and improvements. Download here.  Check out the revisision history page to view the list of changes.

June 3, 2000

March 2, 2000

November 10

  • GVD version 1.1.6 has been posted.  More new features, lots of changes and a ton of  bug fixes.  Check out the revisision history page to view the list of changes.

November 8

  • The GVD Homepage is  now apart of the GURPS Webring! Check out the Webring nav bar at the bottom of this page to visit other cool GURPS sites.

Introducing GURPS Vehicle Designer 1.2!

GURPS Vehicle Designer is a 32bit windows program designed to help GURPS players create vehicles using the GURPS Vehicles 2nd ed rules. The software is designed to run on Win95/98/NT4 machines. [System Reqts]

What is GURPS?   Its simply one of the best RPG systems every made thats what!  Visit the official [Steve Jackson Games website], the creators of GURPS, for more information about their Generic Universal Role Playing Game System, Vehicles, and a ton of other great games!

Evaluate GVD 1.2 today for FREE!

GVD is a shareware program and you are free to [download] and evaluate it.  We hope that if you like it, you will register it so that we can continue to add more features and functionality into future versions of the program. Visit the [ordering info] for information on how fast and easy it is to register your copy.

Drag and drop your way to making great vehicles the fast and easy way!

GVD's intuitive interface allows you to visualize the creation of your vehicles by using icons that represent the various parts of your design. Simply drag and drop the components you want to install. Though it helps to be familiar with how the GURPS Vehicles system works, in our opinion even the novice vehicle maker will be able to learn the interface and start constructing vehicles in 5 minutes or less! Check out these [Screen Shots]

Publish and share your vehicle creations with others!

As an added free service, GVD includes a built in, publishing utility and with ONE CLICK of a button, you can submit your creations to our archive (also known as the Vehicle Factory) to share with others. It is our hope that by providing a single button click interface to vehicle publishing, we can encourage users from all over the world to submit their creations and share them with others.  Feel free to visit the [Vehicle Factory] now to see what strange creations await!

The critics of Alpha Centauri are raving about GVD 1.2 !

The initial reviews from our neighbors in the Alpha Centauri system are in and we couldn't wait to share them with you. Read what they had to say! 

  • "GVD is a little slice of Tasok.  We don't know how we ever fared so long without it.   For years the role players in my group used to use a Gilmari paken-tal and ruza bush to work out our vehicles by tentacle.  Can you say "major pain in the felroid?"   - Usta'n Gormsh
  • "Gorgggggg!   This is so wonderful!  I feel as if i've ga'meshed and gone to Tasok!  In the celti period it took me to make 1 G9000 design by tentacle, i've now made 10 thanks to GVD!"  - Tnak-ta Madar
  • "I have just one word to say about this fine piece of software..    KLAGGGGG!"   - Jateln Sedarrr


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